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I am a gratefully recovering alcoholic, and a misfit who has found a fit in God's Kingdom. I am a retired United Methodist pastor, and am happily married to the world's most tolerant woman. I am the proud father of three lovely daughters, and grandfather of five. I am a former newspaper journalist, and former hands-on worker in addictions and with people with disabilities and special needs. I am an avid motorcyclist and like to take off with no fixed destination to see where the wind blows me. I am a voracious reader, and believe the Bible is the world's most incredible book. I enjoy the freedom that comes with age, the freedom to be me and not worry about how I dress or look or what people say about me. I endeavor to love every human being, as well as all of God's creation, but sometimes fail. I am thankful to God for forgiveness and for multiple chances and for my salvation and sobriety through Jesus the Christ. He is my only hope. My story of hitting bottom and redemption through Christ is told in my memoir "Hope for Misfits: A Prodigal Rides the Cycles of Addiction."

Spiritual Experiences

Excerpts from my memoir Hope for Misfits, which continues to be prepared for publication, will be periodically posted on this page.  We hope that the passages will stimulate comments that will enrich us all. Today’s excerpts come from Chapter One, “A Do-Right Kid.” … Continue reading

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